Holding Plant



Maybe you are a brand new business. Maybe you have been around a while but are growing, or would like to grow.

Every year new plants germinate, existing plants flower, trees put out new shoots. That was the inspiration behind our name SPROUT.


We want to be there as part of your business journey. Putting out new sprouts.

Offering a range of services to choose from, bringing together the best software tools for your business, all in one customised relationship to enable us to be your partners in growth.

Potted Sprouts


The Accountants You Can Trust

We are part of Atainz: The Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand. Atainz members are one of three accounting organisations that are approved by the Inland Revenue Department (along with CAANZ and CPA).
Further to that Gillian is a PBTA which is the highest class of membership ATAINZ has, meaning she has proven extensive experience in accounting and taxation as well as being tertiary qualfied.

We are bound by professional ethics, so if your situation is outside our area of expertise we will make appropriate referrals.
We are also subject to continued education requirements, so we invest heavily in keeping up to date with current tax issues and those relevent to our client industries.



Contact us to see how our accounting expertise and personalised services benefit your business. We look forward to becoming one of your trusted business support team. Physically we are in North Canterbury, with offices in Kaiapoi and Oxford, but our clients are based throughout New Zealand. Location is no barrier to us providing personalised service through our cloud based systems.

2/77 Hilton Street, Kaiapoi
4 Rata Street, Oxford

033121555 (Canterbury) 09 9308805 (Auckland)

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