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Enabling Growth

Business Plans and coaching

Living business plans, not ones you print and put in a drawer to forget. With our business plans we set goals and steps to achieve those goals and we coach you through the process. Here Gillian draws on her years of coaching junior cyclists, finding the right balance between supporting you and letting you go it alone. We do follow up sessions as part of the feedback loop. Funding is potentially available to help pay for this servce.

Cashflow Reports and Forecasting

So important. Usually overlooked. Until Covid hit that is. Now we are seeing more banks wanting these, even for business owners wanting to borrow personally.
We have the tools to create dynamic cashflow reports using live data from your Xero. We will report back to you monthly/two monthly and update the forecast as necessary. We can look at what has happened, and target areas for improvement. We can create what-if scenarios. Can you afford that new car, staff member, office rental? What happens to my bottom line if I offer a discount but that increases sale? We encourage all businesses to have one. We offer all our clients one. This is what we love to do all day. Help us do what we love. Contact us to book a meeting to discuss your requirements. 


Delivering your business performance in a graphics , not a spreadsheet. Much easier to understand!

We offer these reports free for the first month. This gives us a chance to set them up, and get them working properly. From there you will pay a small monthly fee to cover the software and our time. We can email these direct to your bank or other lenders

Provided free with our fixed Virtual CFO Package but also available for a fixed monthly fee.

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