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Delivering compliance at an excellent price point. No nonsense, plain english explanations. Annual accounts meetings that are NOT a line by line analysis of your results - our annual accounts meetings are a chance to add value to YOUR business. 


As little or as much support as you need.


Awesome advice and tips on business growth. Modelling that works!

Gillian has many years experience in Chartered Accounting, and was an Associate at an international accounting firm in Auckland, when in 2011 she decided to go out on her own.

Initially focussing on helping clients set up a great Back Office (that's how our bookkeeping branch got it's name) using the right software for the job and setting up good systems and processes. In 2020 we rebranded as Sprout Accountants, reflecting that we are accountants but that what we really like to do is support our client with whatever their growth aspirations are.


Bringing a wealth of knowledge having worked with sole traders through to a company listed on the US stock exchange - and everything in between, including audit systems, Gillian is well placed to help even the smallest business make change for the better.

Being completely cloud based, we look after clients across New Zealand. For clients requiring personal onsite support we can generally travel with 24 hours notice.


We are also very heavy tech based and Gillian loves exploring new software. So if you are after software to help your business - talk to us! We are happy to scope it out for you and help with implementation.

Auckland (09) 9308805

Canterbury (03) 3121264

Postal Address:

PO Box 87, Oxford, 7443

Office Hours:

Mon - Thur: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Fri: 8:30-12pm


The Care Your Business Needs

No one size fits all!

Businesses are all different. At the same time they are all the same. They want to provide an income to their owners, preferably without working all hours. They might want to also provide income to others, by becoming an employer. They might want to increase profitability, build an asset they can sell, or might be happy just where they are but would like a little less stress around the figures.

At Sprout we respect what you the business owner want from your business, and offer a support team to help you achieve that.

We don't tell business owners what they need. We listen to your concerns, help identify where you need advise and support, and taylor a package to suit you. We don't pretend to know more about your business than you do!

Once we become a member of your business support team you can expect us to follow through with what we say we will.


Contact us to see how our accounting expertise, passion for business development and business owner coaching, and personalised services can benefit your business. We look forward to becoming one of your trusted business support team.
Physically we are in North Canterbury, with meeting spaces available in Auckland, Christchurch and Oxford, but our clients are based throughout New Zealand and we regular travel to visit them. Location really is no barrier to us providing personalised service through our cloud based systems.
We enjoy visiting our clients at their premises seeing their business in action, so if you can't come to us....

033121264 (Canterbury) 09 9308805 (Auckland)

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The Accountants You Can Trust

We are part of Atainz: The Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand. Atainz members are one of three accounting organisations that are approved by the Inland Revenue Department (along with CAANZ and CPA). Further to that Gillian is a PBTA which is the highest class of membership ATAINZ has, meaning she has proven extensive experience in accounting and taxation, as well as completing a tertiary qualification with an accounting major.

We are bound by professional ethics, so amongst other things if your situation is outside our area of expertise, we will make appropriate referrals. We are also have continued education requirements, so we invest heavily in keeping up to date with current tax issues as well as areas of business that align with our clients and the industries they are in.

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