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We value price our services, rather than charge by the hour. We aren't selling you time - we are selling our knowledge and support. Think about it - the slower we are the more we charge you?
To us, it's all about adding value in what we do for you, rather than get the job through, bill you and move on to the next client.

We take the time to critique what is going on with your business and see where we might have the opportunity to add some value - we may as well, while we are in there looking, right! You don't know what you don't know, and how helpful would it be if those who do know (hopefully that's us) pointed it out to you. 

How much you pay depends on how much you want to do, and how much you want us to do.

We can do all your Xero reconciliations, or you can do them and just put a note in against any transaction you aren't sure about - and let our team deal with it. We can even take on your full bookkeeping adding your bills and expense receipts in for you. Add on payroll for a complete service.

All our GST clients get a tax plan with their GST return as a minimum. If you've been coding your own Xero, then we take the time to review for errors - errors can cost you in both over or under claimed deductions, and potential penalties with the IRD.

You are welcome to bundle up services, add and subtract as you need them, and lock in a fixed fee for the year. 

Xero software extra. All prices are plus GST.


From $180

For those on monthly GST or who want a tax plan only. Includes:

  • checking data for accuracy

  • balancing assets and posting depreciation

  • Post any recurring journals so that your current profit is as accurate as possible

  • GST return filing

  • prepare your tax plan. For AIM clients we file an AIM return at this point as well.

  • Add management reports with zoom meeting

  • Add full bookkeeping package

  • Add payroll


From $250 ($125 per month)

For those on 2 monthly GST.


  • checking data for accuracy

  • balancing assets and posting depreciation

  • Post any recurring journals so that your current profit is as accurate as possible

  • Prepare your tax plan

  • GST return filing

  • For AIM clients we file an AIM return at this point as well.

  • Very easy to add management reports with zoom meeting

  • add full bookkeeping package

  • add payroll


From $500

  • Includes a profit and loss return, asset schedule and your tax return.

  • We manage your tax affairs with IRD during the year

  • tax payment letters sent approximately 2 weeks before the due date.


From $500

For residential landlords

  • Pricing reflects the increased time now required to ring fence losses and apply interest deductibility rules.

  • Price is for first property, subsequent properties are $250 each.

  • We manage your tax affairs with IRD during the year

  • tax payment letters approximately 2 weeks before the due date

  • Includes personal tax returns


From $1000

Sole traders, Partnerships, Farms, Companies and Trusts. Each have their own specific requirements

  • Full set of financial reports

  • Includes any statutory minutes (companies, Trusts)

  • maintenance of ICA (companies) plus capital reserves for accuracy when that day comes to exit your business.

  • Discounted for clients receiving quarterly reports, because a lot of the work is already done. 

  • We manage your tax affaris with the IRD during the year

  • tax letters approximately two weeks before the due date.

  • Annual profit improvement meeting




We will send you to the right place on the internet to find free templates. You write your own business plan, we review it and do a session to pinpoint the action steps you need to take over the next 3 months.

Further reviews are $100 plus GST and involve a short catchup to check in and decide on the next action steps.

Of course we can do your whole business plan for you, and are happy to talk through how that works.


$150 monthly/2 monthly; $250 quarterly

A mini set of accounts based on the data as checked for your GST return

  • Ideal for banks and other lenders.

  • Includes a visual dashboard of your results

  • Because our GST preparation process is so indepth, these reports are a good addon - they will be accurate! Even more so if you can provide inventory figures.

  • Includes zoom strategy and results meeting 

  • Add full coaching packing - cashflow/KPI/Financial awareness



Pick from our suite of business development services and we will customise a business support plan to suit your requirements. Payment can be spread across the year with an agreed monthly fee and can incorporate your annual accounts and tax returns, GST returns and management reports.


$185 pa

  • Annual return filing with Companies Office

  • maintenance of company records to meet your statutory requirements and fully comply with the Companies Act

Want to fix your fees?

Clients are welcome to bundle up any of our services into one fixed fee, and spread payments across the year. 

Providing price and cashflow certainty.

Final monthly price depends on the number and complexity of transactions processed each month, and the services required.  Access to current records and previous years financial accounts will be required for us to provide a fixed fee quote. 

Fees are reviewed after 3 months, and then in March each year and subject to increase by a minimum of the current CPI. All increases will be communicated to clients and the option to move to pay as you go. If clients move to Pay as you Go, then no credit will be given for fees already paid. We reserve the right to withhold services for fixed fee clients who are not up to date with their payments.

For the first year in the Fixed Fee contract, the agreed fee will be spread across the number of months remaining in the financial year.

Fixed fees can include Xero and other software but changes in software prices are passed on immediately.  

Contact us for Xero software. We are often able to offer sign on specials

  • Cashflow coaching

    Valid for 12 months
  • KPI Coaching

    Valid for 12 months
  • Financial Awareness

    Valid for 12 months
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